For Wards Appeal

To mark the 20th Anniversary of the Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation, the For Wards Appeal aims to raise £500,000 for 20 transformational projects across 20 different areas of Southend Hospital. Our current focus is on raising funds to enhance the MRI experience for our Paediatric patients.

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MRI Paediatric Appeal – The Apollo Suite

Having an MRI scan is a daunting experience for many, particularly children. It is essential that all patients are cooperative and remain still when the scan is performed. Movement may compromise the image quality, making reliable interpretation difficult. MRI scans are in excess of 20 minutes and failure to comply may lead to essential scan sequences being abandoned or incomplete.

Currently our MRI department is undergoing refurbishment. High value state of the art MRI scanners are being installed. The aesthetics of the new MRI suites are functional but there are no adaptations to ease the extreme anxiety experienced by our young patients.

The refurbishment project provides an opportunity to create an aesthetically child engaging environment which could reduce both child and parent anxiety.

The MRI Paediatric Appeal includes:

Child-friendly ‘space theme’ decoration and bespoke wall coverings to create a less clinical environment to decrease anxiety and maintain the child’s confidence and cooperation.

  • In- scanner visual audio entertainment system which allows the MRI patient to watch and listen to a DVD or streamed videos whilst undergoing their MRI scan. This is an invaluable distraction tool for frightened and claustrophobic patients.

Mini MRI scanner toy, which will engage with our patients through play. Children will be encouraged to explore the scanning concept before their scan, by learning from a small-scale version of a scanner. This can be used to describe the MRI process. The patient can scan a small figurine; the toy scanner replicates the sounds of the real scanner. Noise is the one aspect that patients find difficult to tolerate as they are not adequately prepared for this. Through this activity attention is focused on learning and having fun, so they are less likely to worry about the upcoming procedure

2 X tablet devices pre-loaded with educational cartoon videos and interactive 3D applications, allowing the patients to have an insight into what to expect before, during and after their scan. They will have an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any apprehension prior to entering the scan room. If our patients are better prepared for the scan, they will be more tolerant and compliant.

We are appealing to our supporters for help in reaching our target of £31,500 to make this project a reality. Thank you.