Dementia appeal

For patients with dementia a visit to hospital, whether as an inpatient or for an outpatient appointment can be very confusing.

Therefore it is important that their needs are catered for, starting with standardising care throughout hospital. We would like to begin raising money for our three elderly wards, day assessment unit and Princess Anne ward, which also have patients with dementia.

Dementia Wish list

The dementia services team have identified the following dementia-friendly items to assist in this aim:

  • Calendar Clocks so that patients on wards can tell the time easily using clocks that are highly visible and can be orientated to the date.
  • Signs displaying imagery to indicate different rooms and activities: infection-control approved and with raised lettering for partially sighted patients.
  • ‘Lunch club’ facilities: four wipe-clean, supportive dining chairs and dining table
  • Memory Boxes: to assist patients in establishing a landmark in an unfamiliar environment such as a care home or hospital
  • Contrasting toilet seats and hand rails for 36 wards/departments
  • Bed sensors and chair sensors to alert nurses when patients want to get up and to reduce the amount of falls
  • Personal DVD players for relaxation
  • Personal MP3 players and over earphones to listen to relaxing music
  • Wall mounted 40” TV and DVD for each of the five wards/areas
  • Communicators for the hard of hearing – magnifies the sound enabling patients to hear more easily
  • Sing along cd’s, classical music cd’s, picture books and DVD’s of relaxing scenes
  • ‘Reminiscence pictures’: carefully chosen and themed to provide era-specific, stimulating, nostalgic images on popular themes and create attractive landmarks which stimulate reminiscence, conversation and interaction
  • ‘Conversation cards’: 1940’s themed cards are the perfect way to help create meaningful conversation with elderly people particularly those with dementia, memory loss and confusion.

We need your help to make our vision of a dementia-friendly hospital environment a reality.